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anguage, Handwriting, Calendar and Flag According to the Constitutionof the I.R.Iran, the common official  language,  and andwriting is Farsi (the  Persian language).

The starting point for Iranian official calendar is the flight of  Prophet  Mohammed  (peace  be upon  him) in 622 AD which marks the beginning of the Islamic calendar. The  first  of  Farvardin  (March 21st)  is beginning of New Year in Iran  according to  solar calendar. 

The official flag of  Iran  is in  three green, white,  and red colors  with  the sign  of  I.R.Iran and also with  22 marks depicting  Allaho Akbar  (God is Great). 

More  than  half  of  the  people in  Iran  speak  Farsi  (the Persian language)  and  various Persian dialects.

After Farsi, Turkish is  the most common language in Iran. Persian language has its own eloquence and versatility. 

Consequently, some parts of the most outstanding  literature works in oriental countries, especially  in  the  realm of Iranian culture, from Transoxiana to Asia Minor, have been  written  in  Farsi.

Rich  Iranian  culture and Persian language impressed many  tribes  of  Central  Asia, in spite of their domination over geographical realm of Iran for a short time.